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Kemi tapped a foot continuously in front of the mathematics lecturer’s office, almost going ballistic up in her head over her wait in the reception.
The receptionist made matters worse with her very loud chomping of chewing gum. It was obvious she had a permanent stay on the intriguing rude side of manners—this was not their first encounter.

“Madam, can I go in now?” Kemi asked unpleasantly.
“I thought I told you about two hours ago that you have to wait for the person inside to come out before you can go in.” the receptionist replied.

The receptionist was not Kemi’s problem but her boss.
Kemi had so many things bothering her; she had found out two months ago that she was HIV positive. The news did things to her—her last three class tests had zeros imprinted on her scripts. Her life was in a pause or rather, the slowest possible motion. She was so worried, confused how to break the news to her mum.

Kemi was raised by a single parent after her father took off to the states some eighteen years ago with his main family leaving his concubine and her newly born baby.
Kemi loved her mother so much and saw her as one neither role model nor mentor could outshine in her life.

The news would break her, and create a space between them. Kemi didn’t want that, for her mum was her confidante—they told each other’s everything—even to the point of whom got wooed on a particular day.

Kemi’s mum is a lecturer, co-worker, and also friend of the maths lecturer. She taught ‘Use of English’.
She’s a gorgeous tall lady with a spice of elegance in every aspect. Being her mum one day would definitely be all Kemi would desire—that strength, that charisma, that beauty; she is really an epitome of a strong and confident woman, but the problem for Kemi was she and her mum had nothing in common.

Her mum always told her she looked more like her father. Kemi, on the dark side, her mum, fair. Kemi, of average height, her mum, tall. These differences gave Kemi so much concern growing up, but now she knew better.

Kemi continued to tap her foot almost running out of patience for the third time—she had attempted to see the lecturer two times already, but each time she came, he was always busy with a female student.
Of course! He is a lecturer, and having sessions with students was part of his job description, but not entirely when he employs the cassava between his legs: He was a womaniser and pursued everything on a skirt or very tight jeans.

She always wondered why her mum would be friends with such a despicable fellow—it was obvious her mum didn’t know the filthy side of her friend.

So, the door swooshed open, Kemi finally got her chance to see the Maths lecturer after a female had left—adjusting her cloth as she left the lecturer’s office.
Kemi stomped in with her test script that was marked down. She stretched the hand holding the script towards him saying;
“Sir you marked me down again for no reason,”

The lecturer chuckled. He looked away trying to locate his red pen. He stood up and approached Kemi where she stood.

“You know why I keep marking you down my beauty, but you have refused to comply.” The lecturer said touching Kemi’s shoulders.

“Sir but you’re friends with my…”
“Shhhhhhh….” the lecturer hushed her before she completed the sentence, as he gestured with the red pen.

He slowly moved down to her cleavage with Kemi not moving a muscle, she stood there like a statue—tears brimming in her eyes. She cried—she did because if her HIV result wasn’t positive, she won’t be giving herself to this dog of a man.
He had disturbed her all through her first year in school but she never agreed, not even close—it was a big ask.

“Don’t cry my dear, you’re not a baby and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” The maths lecturer said still hoping Kemi does not change her mind anytime soon.

The lecturer advanced, unbuttoning her blouse. It seemed like a dream come true. He paused, dropped the pen, quickly shut his office door and went intimate with her without protection.
Kemi didn’t bother since she was giving the lecturer reward for his sex sprees, she would have even declined if he tried using one.

Over the following weeks, the fear of the illness was killing Kemi faster than the illness itself; she was fed up of keeping such a thing away from her mother.

Kemi never ceased to regret that unprotected night with Ebuka. She knew he was a cheat but the way he touched her had a unique spark other guys lacked. Ebuka had girls all over him because of the size of his phallus, but also his use of tender words that lit their heart’s torches and his ability to wield his weapon perfectly with stamina of the gods.

“Mum would get mad, but she wouldn’t kill me. She’s very understanding and I’m all she’s got.” Kemi always told herself whenever she threw herself a pity party because of her predicament—it was her article of faith.
She wrote out words on paper and rehearsed how to match them all up in her apology statements to her Mum.

She finally allowed her guts lead her—she got to the staff building, headed to her mum’s office rehearsing the words over and over again as she approached the office. Her heart was already drowning in her stomach—she was dead-scared how the whole thing would pan out.

Finally! She stood at the doormat, held the doorknob, and opened.
The office in view drew to her consciousness one of the many movies where ‘disappointment’ was the main villain. Her sunken heart immediately received a helping hand and in split seconds Kemi wished what she was seeing wasn’t real.

Her mum and the maths lecturer!
Thoughts chased each other in her head.
How? When? Why?
She needed answers. Another unprotected intimacy! She had set a trap for her own mother. How could she have known?
Kemi screamed in her heart and tried waking from the nightmare but it was all real. The two adults in the act stood there helpless. Kemi now knew why they were close friends.

She had always wanted something in common with her mother; there it was—they both have tasted the same man.

It was both beautiful and horrible at the same time. Beautiful for it showed her mum was not flawless; horrible for her mum was making love to a sick dog. The scene would definitely dent Kemi’s idol and make her faceless.
Oddly enticing, Kemi would enjoy breaking the news to her mother because it’s easier to say something to someone without a face.


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