SCAR — 1



Mr Sam and his wife were having a heated argument after they received a call from their son’s school that he was to be suspended for two weeks because of malpractice.

“This woman! I have always emphasised the need to educate Junior, your son, to live upright.” Sam said pointing at his wife.
“What rubbish! See who is talking, no wonder African men are topping the list of the most irresponsible men. I am so disappointed—Of all the good men that came for my hand in marriage, I ended up with a skunk like you.” Liza replied fuming.

Sam was awed by these words as they forced harsher words from his mouth—it seemed like battle of archery—Words flying like arrows from four cardinal points in their sitting room. Even past misunderstandings had to be debated on that very day.

“You are a shameless woman. I must have been sedated to have endured you for these 25years.” Sam said with all seriousness.
Liza clapped her hands, using her eyes to size up Sam as she said:
“Go to hell sam!”

Sam laughed sarcastically,
“You must be a fool not to have noticed that I became a tenant of hell the very day I made the mistake of marrying you. Wake up Liza, am already in HELL.”

Liza mischievously laughed,
“Since you are in hell, I would show you the devil I really am. I would so make you miserable that Satan would look like a saint to you.”

“I regret the very day I proposed to you.” Sam answered, moving closer to liza.
Liza shakes her head in disgust as she replied,
“Men give their wives semen that grow to become graduates, do them proud but the two you gave me from your stick of liquid fire has brought nothing but pain. I don’t blame those kids, I just regret that heaven allowed your irresponsibility to rub off on God’s Creatures.”

Sam made to slap Liza but she holds his hand and gave him a shocker “Oh! So you want to slap me? Is that your way to man up? I swear, if you ever dare to slap me, that would the last day you would raise that miserable hand and I promise you; you would love death and the devil than what I would do to you.”

Lisa throws the hand away and walks out as Sam stood looking lost.

Sam couldn’t believe what had happened, was he still a man? Sam had to go down touching his balls to be sure if he still had his divine unique manly heritage was intact.


Joy was back from school after the semester break, meeting no one in the house. She had grown into a lovely young lady.

She was all matured not from growing up but from the hands that had paid homage to her body. Her succulent balloons had grown big and robust,thanks to the elderly men she had made feel young with it. Her backside was firm and a killer. She was a complete seduction mistress. She had a smile that activates sunshine, she was radiant.

Joy was always seen as the ideal child because she wasn’t always getting into the trouble like her brother. Joy had just dropped her luggage when she received a call. She left her bag and breezed out.

Few hours later, Junior also arrived carrying his baggage. Junior was so happy to be home, finally he could get his break from academic works. He had called the Vice Chancellor a toothless bulldog who can’t do him nothing, adding that the Chancellor was his dad’s puppet to use.

These utterances were aimed at creating an atmosphere where the Chancellor won’t accept him back to school.

Seeing Joy’s luggage in the living room, Junior dropped his as he sighted Joy’s golden handbag. He searched through it and stumbled on twenty grand; he took it and off he went.

Just as a drunk would always be called to bar by his beer so also a smoker is called to the hidden street corners by his Ebo(marijuana). Junior was an addict—his smoking addiction doesn’t make him discriminate between the haves and have nots.

Junior was a chief smoker and his arrival that afternoon lightened the whole place. He ordered a smoke for the seventeen guys present. As they weeded they digested it with a bottle of Spirit. The Spirit of ecstasy had descended on them when the men with the cudgel raided the place, and in no time the smokers vanished only to wake up behind the bars.

Sam,Liza and Joy were seated in the living room when the phone rang.

To be continued…

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