It seemed like Deja Vu, Victoria was familiar with the road.
“Have I been here before?” She soliloquised.
She walked on the pathway for a while following the most visible track to its end where she saw a chamber. Victoria moved closer and saw an inscription which read: SIT VICTORIA. The chair was a sedan chair with wood from a fine tree. Its posts of silver, its back of gold, and its seat of pink which was her favourite colour.

With mixed feelings of fear and curiosity, she sat waiting what was to come. She was deep in her thoughts about how all came to be but was soon snapped out of it by a lovely song from the corner with a nice baritone voice; making her make a swift turn to see who the sweet gentle singer was.
Behold, the brightness of his face almost gave her a blackout, his hair wavy and black like a raven; indeed fearfully and wonderfully made and as handsome as dawn. He came closer still singing, with a rose in his left hand while his right hand gestured the song. The lyrics of the song were like love notes with bells as it rang her name in between the lines. Victoria’s cheek mimicked the beauty of jewelry and her eyes searched the heavens to behold whoever she would give thanks to for such a gift.
“My lady,” he said,
stretching his hands to present the rose; the sweet fragrance of it made her sigh in ecstasy.
She was very excited about this scene making her fanny restless. No doubt he now has her heart for his keep. He stopped singing, leaning close towards her ears to whisper:
“You are absolutely beautiful my beloved with no imperfection in you.”
Her heart began to thunder in her chest and she felt tension gripping her stomach; his voice in her ears seemed to warm her skin as she felt her heart wall melting. She could not hold back anymore as she rushingly grabbed his face for a kiss.

She held on to him and would not let him go.
He looked right into her eyes and she knew he had more adoring compliments lingering on his pink lips. His penetrating stare stirred up new feelings that were doing things to her; forcing her to embark on one hell of a fantastic voyage.
She handed him the power to Picking out the white light out of her dark, it was obvious he was using his stares of flame to wound her. He kissed her; the kiss was a journey she would wish never to return. His lips like scarlet cord and captivated her.
Victoria was overwhelmed, she had tasted true loves joy and the feeling of being a prisoner in his dungeon made her gleeful.
He held her right palm, leading her into his chamber; Victoria was marveled by its view.
“Wow, where really am I?” She asked under her breath.
White candles decorated the room with the touch of rose flowers everywhere. The bed had a transparent curtain around it and she could see how perfectly made it was. Her love thrusts his hand through the curtain opening and Victoria’s feelings were stirred for him.
He undressed, making her feel odd but a bit nervous and she felt her heart take a nose dive to her stomach. He touched her blouse to undress her, making heat rush through her and zipped her with a force she had never felt before.

She could hardly resist the perfume he was wearing as it had a punch that could drive any woman to distraction. The two lips locked; it was obvious his lips tasted better than old wine.

He placed her on the soft bed but Victoria could hardly concentrate; she heard her name from a distance.
Victoria! Victoria!
All of a sudden, at that moment she felt a tap on her back
“Mom is calling you,” her younger brother shouted.
“What!!! What!!! Why now? The perfect dream,”
she said to herself fuming a face of anger to her waggish younger brother.
“What a killjoy,” she uttered, but seemed happy to respond to the call by her mom after tracing her lips with her tongue and tasted her dream lover there.


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