Young plant growing in sunshine(Shallow Dof)


A farmer tills the land and prepares it with fertilizer so that it will be ready to receive seeds. Then he scatters the seed on the tilled ground, waters it, and allows it to grow. Let me illustrate better with an example so as to pass the message across.

Two farmers owned a hectare of land each and cultivated same crops on them. Let’s assume their names are John and James. John went as far as borrowing funds to buy fertilizers and pests control and James saw no necessity to it.

At harvest, the fertilized farmland yielded far better quality and more in quantity than the unfertilized. John paid all he owed and still had plenty more gain.

You don’t really need to look critically or utilize the mind’s eye to see or know why one yielded more than the other; John knew how important the crops were and fed them with plant’s bread and fish to grow.

As a parent, guardian or superior, what type of bread have you been feeding yourself and those under you? Bread and fish in this content are the path guide to growing and substances to sustainability. Every human needs these two in a combined meal to overcome the hurdles of life.

Did you notice the use of “path guide to growing”? “growing” is used because it is a continuous process; anyone that stops growing, starts dying.

The world suffers in various walks of life at the hands of leaders that were either fed stones and snakes or bread crumbs and gills in place of bread and fish.

If John the successful farmer had given his crops half rations of what was needed or grew them in bad farming foundation, his harvest would also have been half good or totally bad.

Many still wonder why it’s important to provide for themselves and others this nutritious meal (bread and fish). Well, let me help you catch up. Below are reasons a person needs this meal that would serve as sustenance in this ever growing and changing world.


Whatever you give, you will get back; what you sow, you shall reap (evergreen cliché). What is given determines what will be received. A child or a subordinate that is well rooted in the morals of life would most definitely serve the community, parents or superior the sweet atmospheres of “rest of mind”.


So many people crave for a better tomorrow but forgetting that the tomorrow’s leaders are the today’s younger generations always watching their display of immaturity, envy, impatience and every other thing that love is not.

Allow me to use another evergreen cliché “tomorrow is pregnant and no one knows the child that would be birthed by it”. But let me say this; anyone who is taught well and is well prepared would know more than 50% of what his/her tomorrow holds.

Remember! The farmer knows that if he plants maize, he will not get yam. That’s just impossible! Maize produces maize. Yam produces yam.

For those who have never given up on a better tomorrow, we are to work together serving each other the bread and fish that would keep our hearts and hope beating hard.


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