What a life where memories are sometimes sweeter than the present and the perfection of men seeming impossible. I remember those days signs and wonders were not the order of the day; when cruel men had the least percentage of the populate and the crave for power was minimal.

Days where the high and low had so many things in common, gratitude or thanks was not a burden to the mouth or shackles to the heart. Can verbal contracts be legal again? Can it be that binding to a common occurrence? Can we still have generations who do not depend of sound and sight? Why can’t words be left unbroken anymore?

Even the rays from the sun have become hotter, the moon hardly smiles, the sky’s moods hardly forecasted, and the stars no longer tell tales. I have seen so many changes and with a single tear running down my emotional eyes, I wish I was in that time. I remember a lot but with the memories on the pages of history.

Could the sages and the great authors be liars? Could they have just written good and wonderful times omitting the challenges faced to paint their time spotless? Even if we were to assume that the histories were true, who would bare them witness? What immortal would stand in the witness stand to tell us what they did right which we’re doing wrong?

Are the vegetables they ate not what we are eating, or did they eat dragons in place of the cattle our mouth now devour? Our innovations are even better; now men can fly and even pay planets visit.

I have always wondered if the firewood of then gave more illumination compared to our present electricity or did their wars with swords provide hard intimacy that the riffles are devoid of?

A puzzle our sages cannot solve; a riddle the wisest remain stumm to. Successors fail to follow the faiths of their predecessors who birthed them.

Though one might call this confusion many titles, none explains this abiding truth better than the title CHANGE.

I write to our tomorrow not to fulfil all righteousness, but so tomorrow knows it was never all rosy and to affirm to them that CHANGE is constant.


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