Racing with comfort left behind and
Engaging in the long awaited journey
Luck going solo with little or no company to mingle

Presented by fate without notice or request
Arrival to an updated state of phobia
In the atmosphere for the deserved or not

Being all ready to be called to order by dogma un-resourced
Physical and mental orientation to cut short every
Cloud of perplexity so visible

Not neglecting the pictures in the sky and occasionally
The beauty of a rainbow in a foggy cloud
Angels created from coals and ashes

Who stomachs their precious like a kangaroo
Hardening hearts to swallow each tear with the end as foresight
Whatever seen becomes what is gotten

Igniting a mixed feeling to be anything
Fear is a norm but the wilful mind to exercise
The full armour of endurance

I live to die, the end is inevitable

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