THE NECESSARY EVIL….Getting rid of that unstoppable evil….a must read!!!



What is it with people knowing their actions are wrong but keen to continue? We always get the cliché of a responds í could not help it, I find it hard to stop’. The phrase ‘necessary evil’ is replacing the ability to fight back in the minds of most people; even a toddler knows the constituencies of chewing so much gum, but regardless requests for it.

I am quite perplexed having to see Mr Toby continue to smoke the cigar after getting a ‘restraint from it’ report last week by his doctor. What then is ‘necessary evil? ‘It is to like something but understanding that it has to be done sometimes. Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote ‘what is worse than doing evil is being evil’. The being and the doing are very different which has helped so many people to classify their evil in the ‘doing’ column.

The necessity to do evil is just another way to not saying ‘no’ to the inner desires and allowing one’s self to be consumed by the pleasures of life. There are various factors that have made so many chorus the phrase ‘necessary evil’, which are
Low self-esteem
Peer pressure
Inferiority complex etc

Ignorance is a common thing these factors have. I got talking with a sage at the traditional ceremony of a friend as I tried to get knowledge from him as I asked him about this evil and he said ‘some people are floating on the ocean of ignorance and refuse to accept any life jacket thrown to them by the “boat of knowledge” that passes ones in a while and they forget that no one floats forever.

So I got thinking and realised that to get rid of the mindset of ‘necessary evil’, I have to accept floating in this invisible ocean of ignorance and allow myself be saved by the passing boat of knowledge. The boat of knowledge comes in various shapes and forms in every body’s life. They may come as the doctor, parents, friends, one’s self, experience etc.

Over the years, only those with the will to be saved are saved. Do you have that will? Are you tired of saying ‘necessary evil’? Just take a moment and ponder, have a little time of self-advice and help reduce the use of the phrase ‘the necessary evil’.

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