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Looking good as the saying goes is good business, but a person’s moral sense is way important when it comes to outfits to be worn. Fashioners are always conscious of their actions and the act of deliberate exposure of the body to the public is indecent dressing.

This attitude has gradually creeped into our daily lives, refusing to go or even give listening ears to the truth against it. Many say it all started from the earlier men who barely wore cloths; others say it’s as a result of civilization and innovations. Nevertheless, indecent dressing is a votive to desires most would term ‘necessary evil’.

Over the years, fashion change, revamp and some others repeated with more romanticized trends and since sex sells, indecent dressing sells even more to sully.

Indecent dressing is seen by old and young as a way to showcase their natural or artificial bodily endowments and it is exhibited occupationally and by those who crave for attention.

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The increase in the number of indecent dressers has equivalently increased the number of recorded and non recorded rape cases, child abuse, sexual harassment and generally, distractions.

Harsh criticisms on this act that has tortoisely become a norm, rain on a daily basis and curtailing it has proved abortive because of the increase in flouts gaining more grounds in the hierarchy of morality/immorality , the dogma against indecent dressing is of shaky legs.

Indecent dressing has, and will always leave eyebrows raised, jaws dropped and whether it is ideal or not lingers on what your definition of morality is, but remember when one does as one wishes, one rarely does as one should.



  1. Nzeh this indecent dressing don tire me too oooh, if you talk too much they will say you are too religious or you are there enemy of progress, can u imagine that so I intend to give my see a look as it is free of charge abi waiting person go do again…. Lolx more Grace brother enjoying your write up.

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