I speak words of facts and the broken truth that my experience has abruptly fractured my stainless ideas of Nurses.
“The white angels” as they are popularly called, has over the years become a super occupation and these angels are attributed with so many and amongst all is distinctively, GOSSIP.

Facts show that telling a nurse to stay away from gossips is like telling pigs to fly and when it comes to gossiping, a nurse knows it’s a “necessary evil” and will always throw caution to the wind. “Nurses are Rude and other things” is a norm but no one said anything (or maybe i never asked) about them ranking high amongst occupations that survive on gossips.

Nurses’ gossip and some people even say, they’re world champion gossipmongers. In fact, not only do they gossip, they also enjoy it! It interests them so much as they would label themselves “curious beings” but there is a difference between being inquisitive and being a nosy gossip.

This all started like a chapter of a book when a closed friend was hospitalized and to be operated on. I was her relation patient to help with any personal errands. The small clinic had over ten girls who worked according to shifts making the work easier for them and for two days i could barely catch a face but whoever was on shift, did their best to take care of my friend.

I noticed at nights before my retiring to bed, echoes of laughter resounding from the direction of the reception and whispers became audible. Curiosity lead me on the 3rd night to go see the source of the late rumblings and to my surprise, it was the angels enjoying their night shift with the invisible “head band of gossips” wrapped around their heads.

I walked past them to take a seat at the reception (their gossip spot) and they barely blinked at my arrival. It did not even matter whether they knew the person being discussed or if it was even a co-worker, gossip just has a space in the nurse station.

There i was after about an hour enjoying gossips as if the chair had a magnetic effect on me. I watched their mouths open and i was dazed “is there an 8 cylinder engine powering them?” i thought to myself as it was obvious their mouths opened within micro seconds.

The discussions sped into the night with more topics surfacing and i was beginning to nod the air. I took my leave as they were still devouring reputations forgetting that; it’s so easy to gossip and disastrous to be gossiped about.

After that night, I would occasionally join the gossip spree since the shifts made the story tellers, author new stories per night. The problem of these “Nurse gossip” is that it is damaging and takes away their attention from the patient; which of course are not easy to stop, but the right thing to do.

The night before my friend was discharged, i joined again at the middle of a discussion about a patient who was rushed down to the hospital after being stab with a broken bottle by a neighbour at their “face me i face you” apartment.

My friend is getting better now, but i can’t say same about my ears that remain cracked from the gossip spree of nurses and i reminisce with enthusiasm of my adventure. This experience has led to a conclusion; Nurses are wonderful people but super gossips.

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