THE COME-BACK TREND; West Africa’s craziest Fashion Trend “RIPPED KNEES OUTFIT”


Some say fashion is a circle, some others say it’s in a to and fro pendulum swing that comes back before you know it. People tend to always follow fashion trends and currently in West Africa, the fashion trend is RIPPED KNEES OUTFIT.

Ripped knees designs are unisex and for all age grade, albeit, it is in most times worn by aged below 45years and it has a way of expressing ‘’i don’t care what you think’’ by whoever is wearing it.

West Africa is a place of its own exquisite fashion, but has over the years welcomed the borrowed RIPPED KNEES STYLE with open arms and Fashion trends from Europe, America, etc also rock in our today’s African outfits and social Media helping to make these trends ubiquitous.

This fashion trend has always been a problem in West Africa whenever designers retire back to its rugged nature owing to the huge amount of free insane humans moving around this West African Nations in their Rag which is similar to the current fashion trend.

This period of ripped knees outfit, gives these insane people the opportunity to be their own models as they join to exhibit the current trend. Occasionally, mental homes drive around town with their huge buses to catch these occasional models.

There is this story that went viral the last time this fashion was trendy, of a Lagos, Nigerian big girl that over-ripped hers and was apprehended by the mental homes; the rest is history, nobody knew what happened after that.

If you are a lover of the RIPPED KNEES OUTFIT, and you happen to reside or have business with West Africa, try not to over-rip your outfit to be on the safe side(the side of the sane people i mean) because you are the trend maker.

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